We are manufacturer of wooden pallets in all sizes and types also we are supplier of loos goods for pallets making and supplier of New Imported wood all sizes.

we can supply pallets quantity as per our customers requirement, we are also supplier of Plastic Pallets in all sizes.
we prefer best quality for our customers in low margin, we are working in many cities in Pakistan like Karachi, Hub Chowki, and Islamabad.


1. Shafi Gluco Chem. (Hub)

2. Habib A.D.M (Hub)

3. Shan Food (Korangi, Khi)

4. Younus Textile Mills (Landhi, Khi)

5. Asif Rice Mills (Port Qasim, Khi)

6. Lucky Textile (Federal “B” Area Khi)

7. A.T.M Enterprises (Islamabad)

8. Feroz 1888 Mills 2 Unites ( S.I.T.E , HUB )

9. K & A Tech Solution (Gulshan)

10. Naveena Industries Limited (Raheem Yar Khan)

11. English Biscuit Manufacturers (PVT) LTD. (Korangi, Khi)